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Pollard Ball and Roller Bearing Company with its headquarters at Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire was a manufacturer of ball and roller bearings founded by John King. Formerly it had been known as Ferrybridge Industries and was originally a small family motor repair firm, Whitehouse Motor Industries, Ford dealers. These later became part of the world known bearings company "Ransome Hoffmann Pollard Co." in 1969.

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These bearings were absolute top quality and supplies are diminishing yearly. Classic car owners search high and low to find the original bearings for their cars. 99 times out of a hundred we can supply or source your Pollard Bearing.

We have a huge inventory of Pollard branded Ball and Roller Bearings and access to further stocks courtesy of our world-wide sourcing network. Should the Pollard Bearing you need prove to be obsolete we can even have replacement bearings manufactured specifically for your application.

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Top Quality British Made Pollard Bearings For Classic Cars

Early Pollard Bearings Advertising Posters 1936 - 1962

Pollard Bearings Poster - 1936

Pollard Bearings Poster 1936

Pollard Bearings Poster - 1943

Pollard Bearings Poster 1943

Pollard Bearings Poster - 1951

Pollard Bearings Poster 1951

Pollard Bearings Poster - 1962

Pollard Bearings Poster 1962

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